iPantry Manager

How many times did you start searching spices that you like so much and then discover that they were finished? Or open the fridge and realize that it is now too late to cook those beautiful steaks that you had bought days ago?
From today it won't happen again!

iPantry Manager will help you to manage all your supplies in a simple and elegant way. With iPantry Manager, in fact, you'll get the full picture of what you have in the pantry, in the closet or in the basement, of what is missing and what is about to expire.
Thanks to the sections divided by product type, everything will be clear and easy to read.

Discover all the functions that iPantry Manager is ready to provide to you:

  • Complete list of all products divided by type and place of storage
  • Attach an image to each product for a search at a glance!
  • Notifications to the expiration of the products
  • Shopping List
  • Save backups locally or on Dropbox®
  • iCloud® Synchronization